As a couple most young, they did elope
For the world around, no care
A romantic outing was their hope
There wasn’t a second to spare

Like a gentleman, he did court
In a white mansion – quite like a lair
To their fantasy he did transport
His maiden – lovely, most fair

In their new dreamland they did embrace
Feelings unadulterated, so bare
The dance of life – they did with grace
Now with young ones their life they would share

As they grew old, no loss of charm
Each other’s faults they did repair
Trapped in together, yet no harm
The paradise now an eternal snare

Sealed in an everlasting hug – their love
For life they shall stay a pair
The feeling, so silken, like a dove
To heaven they ascend by stair

Nature’s own work of art; Till Death Do Us Part

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This Poems Story

The Venus' Flower Basket (Euplectella) houses two small shrimps inside its glass skeleton. Young shrimp pairs enter the sponge when they are small, but eventually become too big to get out. This means that they spend the rest of their lives entrapped inside this mansion. Venus’ flower baskets have been regarded as symbols of eternal love in some Asian cultures such as Japan and are often given as wedding gifts. Truly, nature's own guide to life and love!