Evaluating Self Harm

Too many nights are spent leaving salt water stains on
pillows because we want to be prettier,
smarter, stronger and better.
We put of a front of happiness
only to break down behind closed doors.
But we are never happy, and nothing
is ever good enough.
Some destroy their bodies
to fit into a mold of perfection,
only to later regret their scars and self hatred.
No, you will sit there and stare
at the frame of a person you no longer recognize
because they jeopardized all that had meaning
and you wish they haven't listened to themselves.
But it's too late now,
they can't take back the harsh words
and unforgivable actions they committed
when they didn't know any better.
Now it's up to us to apologize
for what we put ourselves through
so we don't continue to reproduce
unsatisfied humans with no idea of self worth.
It starts with us.

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