Evasive Fort of Vaseline

I can see the glows!
Reflections of a whole lifetime
To and fro, the sparkle darts and goes
Resplendently dazzling around a lime
I can see it from a hundred miles away
Now I know there is something, it gently lay
Obviously unseen, hidden like a nut
The limes see it, yet I cannot
For this reason, an eyeball cries
Drops of tears drip down like ties
Tears only make the sparkles clearer
What could be than diamond, fairer?
The limes see it, yet I do not
If only I move a few inches north
I could have a closer view
For which the limes are on a smiling queue
What could be so sparkling bright?
What could be so drenched in light?
What could be close friends with delight?
What could be so related to flight?
Alas! I see a bronze!
Around which the glows dance
Over which the bright light runs
Beside which the sparkles take a stance
Before which the limes pile up in shapes of guns
Seen it, I had not
I could have not
A hive of bees
Made blur, my path to the fort of grease...

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