Even though

Smile even though, your world's falling apart.
Pretend you don't take, everything to heart.
Stand up even though, all you want to do is fall down.
Keep your head afloat even though, your faith has already drowned.
Speak up even though, silence overwhelms you.
Block out your own darkness, you know what to do.
You know the routine, and sometimes you almost believe,
it might work this time, but you're decieved.
Your mind plays tricks; you don't know what to expect.
At least that's what you tell yourself; you don't know what to accept.
Close your eyes even though, you can't sleep at night.
Lie to yourself, say everything's alright.
Shout out for help, maybe someone will hear.
Too bad your too far off for anyone to be near.
You want to be free, so tear through your skin,
but in a world like this you'll never win.
You want to forget what makes you cry,
but you can't force it, no matter how hard you try.
When your days have ended, each night after you've grown,
all you've ever learned is how to be alone.
So many people left so many scars,
sliced in the same spot it's almost bizzare.
Pretend all this matters, that you don't care.
Be sure to hide your vacant stare.
Keep control and don't let go.
You don't trust anyone as far as you can throw.
You've been let down time after time.
Every insult thrown has been taken as a sign.
You try and escape your mindless thoughts,
You try to take with you more than you brought.
But it's useless, nothing will change.
Nothing will go your way no matter how it's arranged.
You keep in mind that you're starting to fade.
It's terrifying to you that you aren't afraid.
Your eyes are tired, so is your heart.
Something inside just won't seem to start.
You've given up most of what you fought for.
You're tired of fighting it, your arms are getting sore.
You feel as though sometimes there's too many lessons,
to learn but you can't admit that confession.
It's all too much to take over the years.
Pressure's built up along with your silent tears.
You wonder if it will ever end,
this pain you wonder just how far you can bend.
You stand tall even though, it takes all you've got.
You might cave in if you're put on the spot.
You're rehearsed, you know your lines.
Familiar with the scene, you've done this many times.

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