The evening star.
Last to fade but first to shine.
The fairest and the brightest among them all,
Yet the loneliest.
You are the cold marmoreal Venus de milo,
is deprived of the power to embrace.
All alone on the canopy of the heavens,
Sprinkle the shine of your everlasting sorrow,
upon the mortals below.
You have seen the leaves of the mallorn trees turned gold,
for seventy time seven times,
And the flowers of elanor and niphredil bloomed,
for seven thousand times.
Yet you now can see no more.
The world you have been watching since the beginning of time,
Are now vanquished by human beings,
Inundated with vanities and false hearts.
But all men shall depart;
Whereas the slow decay of time shall never touch you,
Neither shall the bitterness of mortality.
Until the world is changed,
Yet you remains.

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