1. I believe that one day, if I continue these markings,
my bones won't be able to hide, and I'll bleed constantly.
2. He was a warrior, led them, fought with them,
but died and I never said my last words to him.

3. He took her away from us,
let that sick, twisted virus that you are trying to cure
take her soul.
It's very deadly and hard to control.
It spreads to fast everything comes back as a blur.
4. You can't, you wouldn't, that's dumb they all say.
But who's sitting here learning while you're fading away?

5. You fed me, you loved me, you held me, you taught me.
I know I disappointed you with my poor decisions.
But I'm still your daughter.
I'm annoying and give you a hard time,
you're still my mother; you can't deny even if you tired.
6. It runs through my body and through my veins.
It gets cold and hot as the seasons change.
Its color means pain, it represent my terrible things.
I only hate it because it always leaves a stain.

7. I know what I am.
But I don't like it.
I love whom I love and I will not stop it.
Try to make me wear dresses and be fancy,
but if I sag my pants don't look so unhappy.

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This Poems Story

I am a junior in high school who loves to express myself through poetry. I have a habit of holding in my emotions instead of letting them out. It's hard for a black African-American female to make something out of her work. Writing is my life, my passion, my lover; without it my soul has no meaning. This poem is about events that have taken place in my life. Mostly it's my past that I'm finally ready to let go of. I'm glad to share it with the world. Thank you for this opportunity.