Eventually Human

My footprints were there along with my mates
I have devoted myself to the beauty of the blood,
The ties that transcend barriers, friends more than family,
I have no disagreement with the flora and fauna, will never have
But how do I not see my people on roads, how I lost the right to admire the flowers and fields,
How do I overcome the tedious moment where I cannot see my mother.
I am a social animal, I am a human, I am a part of this nature.
I cry and there lurk the jitters of an abandoned creature.
Apologies from the bottom of my heart
If my land got this grief from us.
But how can I forget my desk where I work,
The smile of my fellow workers and the love of my students.
I cannot distance my soul from here,
I am a social animal, I am a human and I am a part of this nature.
The inner patriot grows, seeing the tears of my countrymen.
How did we lose the right to read and learn, how are we unable to feed our young
I need to see my people and remain close to them like an armour
Social distancing is a harsh punishment, where my feelings got bound,
I have desires to fulfil, I have songs to sing and tunes to dance to,
I am a social animal,
I am a human and I am a part of this enchanting nature.

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