Ever After

It’s not fair that you take this for granted.
You know I am wrapped around your finger;
I wonder what I could say to make you stay.
Or go.
If only you would take a second to see;
You are my ever after.
But no, you take this for granted.
This; being me.
I hate that I love you.
And you are irritated that I won’t confess the truth.
But, how can I?
What, between us, would me saying anything soothe?
I am torn,
And you are the ripper.
And like the phases of the moon, day by day your torture seems to differ.
But I will accept everything you do to me.
Good, or bad. Sweet or bitterly.
I have accepted that you being in my life is a hazard.
Because I know for a fact,
You are my ever after.

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