Ever Dark Times On The Stage

I'm closer than ever to my goals no.
I'm not still approach slow them but seem as if I had let them go.
Oh no I haven't choked yet gave up on my roles how so?
I suppose this written article debt rising myself
thirsty for more money.
I'm like whoa!
What am I'm going to do?

Just fold out of life wealth yeah there well on the stove food that's old.
I never think twice as to spending these notes like a pro
when a decision has been made.
I'm thinking I'm going to be hysterical made to go roll over chairs
now they broke.

Who cares? I got cigarette smoke clear cut when on my own pace
walking up a flight of stairs.
I'm never thinking how this could happen to me out of breath.
I'm always forgetting but never letting go the
stage melts and oh yeah.

I'm never forgiving while sometimes sinning burning the bible belt.
I seek redemption.
I am repenting with a limit drawn to the self.
I'm standing here not wishing for any help.
Who is there?

It's not on this mountain nor did bridge page kept save but erased.
It's also on this dimension praying to the lord Leviathan of the underworld.
I will make asking, are you here?
I request for your assistance listening dear not to me.
Then he spoke something neat
but where he wants to be overt with peace.

I'm seeing his chance himself from worrying about things.
I do not have or need the possible misfortune here restless torturing.
That it is heavily bombarded enforcement
poisoning the mind.

It's about the idea of fame nice cars and things.
I don't need frequently all the time which is why I strive near close to bring but still no luck.
It has so in a rush to get up a status change.

I fear not failure or possible success not to obtain uncertain that.
I would be better even at making paper planes out of dollars.
If I do not anything with my life
continue moving process sour forever.

I'm still hoping for quick answers of a standard meant greatness whenever manner been apparent the planner of a soul.
This is it with cancer this boulder he could control
could cancel the moves of a slow dancer.
The rogue mantle explode just damned load the more stamps hold.

I'm losing control of my life it seems like it never going to be
alright for me.
While living on the streets.
I got to go eat.
I'm starving the most pentagram prayer hug me tight with care on the stage hell yeah.

It's Rheden That Crow here I go killing the show but I'm
still broke hell no I can't continue to fail.
I guessed it's just me my ego letting me know what I stand for.
Who is playing?
I'm not telling a got damned joke when I started to roast you folks.
The middle finger there it goes say what you want to say.
I'm grown headed on my way doing this alone on my own.

This is everyday down south in the Dixie where I stay imaging the country side that's where I play.
It's by me with nobody else so go ahead hate.
I'm going to keep without faith and curse you anyway straight up.
This is from the past returned from the dead a zombie in a
meth lab cooking up scraps of poetic drafts holy crap.

Then yeah farewell it's me Silly Crow Rheden over stepped the line boundaries humiliation across their face.
What do I say to the man in the mirror a ghost appears up?
I'm stuck in a rut.

I do this much a dark touch of love dripping blood
in the tub that's guts everywhere.

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