Ever-dying Sun

When in your past has beauty been born.
And where do you go at the sound of the horn,
The place of old that's made to mourn,
And all the secrets ever sworn,

By the light of the dying sun,
All of the battle’s that failed to be won,
All the deeds that have never been done,
And all the tales that have never been spun,
All under the light of the everdying sun,

When the sins in your mind are at rest,
And the fights have been fought at your best,
Or you’ve been broken by the final test,
And the hurt runs deep through your chest,
With the evidence you can’t attest,

When your heart is like a Broken mirror,
Everdying, ever clearer,
The anguished wails,
Growing nearer,
The highest cliffs,
Growing shearer,

The Crack of the whip,
By the masters of hate,
And the sound of the song,
By the joyful elate,

And the pain and the hare and the fear,
Breaking down your defences,
Tearing up your fences,
Adding up the offences,
Ruining your senses,
And all the consequences,

Having none and having you,
In this place,
A house of true,
Something here but nothing new,
Taking nothing, Keeping you.

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I wrote this for class and I also put is here.