Ever-encompassing Love

By Srashta   

Steadily and silently, years crawl by,
As I stare at the starry sky,
In sanguinity, each night,
With hopes very bright,
Standing in my balcony,
Alone, but not lonely,
That a day shall come soon,
In elegance, shinier than the moon,
When deep-held daydreams will dance,
To the tunes of our romance,
Encompassing us in a swirl,
Holding us like an oyster shelters a pearl,
Of patience, compassion and love,
Filling us with all of the above,
Accompanied by incessant blessings,
As life gloriously sings,
Melodious songs of joy, sometimes gloom,
Slowly we weave and we loom,
In our universe – our cocoon –
And each day, in disguise, shall be a boon.
Still awaiting, and will be waiting,
For ‘forever’ to come soon,
And leave never.

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