Ever Wonder?

So I sat here and thought
Of how many wars I've fought
I question the act in every way
Then ask for mercy then pray
If in time I see it's worth, for I don't now
The lesson held will, peace to me, allow
Yet in the midst of my thinking
I'm staring out blind no blinking
It's traumatic to me all of the world
Violently and clueless I'm hurled
We ultimately have just one chance
Surprised as I look back at a glance
I'm still here kicking and crying
To say I'm worst now I'd be lying
Everyday I become more aware and strong
Knowing in me I had it all along
To push on and stay on the right track
Hard for one who in faith they lack
If I'm still here I see there's a reason
However the storm or the season
If I'm allowed this beautiful thing called life
Then I'll prove beyond every struggle or strife

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    This Poems Story

    Feelings of worthlessness cloud my mind most of the time. I had to find a way to de-stress from all sublime