Every Day's the Same

Clouds hover above, corrupting the day
Everything you love is still here to stay
The wind still blows, birds still chirp
Trees will grow as mother nature does her work
Rain drops down trying to make you go astray
Even with the skies full of clouds it's still a lovely day

In the morning, yawning trying to clear your head
A beautiful day starts forming once you get out of bed
Looking miserable out because the sky is dark
During a sunshine drought there's no time to harp
Never time to pout nor feel defeat
There are things to do, tasks to complete

Amongst the chaos and turmoil one thing's for sure
There is life in the soil and nothing is more pure
A flower doesn't complain when everything looks miserable
A farmer says the same when the sun's invisible
Rain creates life, which maintains the usual
It keeps every day the same: lovely and beautiful

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