Every Morning

I wake up somehow, somewhere, sometimes with someone
Every morning I suffer for the same struggle
I'm strapped, my mind is my piece
Look in my eyes, I'm a survivor, no time to just sleep

Stress is always there to keep me company
I'd rather hang with Mary Jane but I think she's In love with me
We used to take trips far away and make it back to work
A real woman I can't make time for, I guess I'm a jerk
She said I left and took her heart too
I guess I'm a crook
Still got pictures in my Macbook, bad look
Today's wrapped in sorrow, but there's another morning tomorrow

The years are long but the mornings are quick
Every morning we grow older
The past fades but the memories will stick
Every morning we start sober
They love to hate you but never hate them
Every night, you have your dreams
Every morning make sure you chase them

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