Every Part Within.

They say God created heaven, hell, mountains, and rivers,
To burn our thirst,
But for what it’s worth,
I think he must have made you first,
Traced your freckles,
With every minute detail,
And moved up to your light brown eyes,
Which left the tannest of faces,
Awestruck and pale,
Next, to your uneven,
But dark and curly locks,
So you could push them forward so swiftly,
And melt the hardest of rocks,
Then down to your lips so imperfectly perfect,
Taste so luscious,
I think I could call myself an addict,
Your cheeks were next to be touched by the brush,
Adding a little bit of chubbiness,
And a bit of glimmering blush,
Lastly to your big beating heart,
Trying to come out of your chest,
And grab my whole soul,
To love and adore,
Every part within.

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This Poems Story

this is about loving someone despite their flaws. something we all need to learn:)