Every Year

Every year, we remember you
we think of the gun, the knife, the fool
who took us from you
and you from us
In God we trust
When you died, you returned to sender
and for that, every year we must remember
The pain, the tears, the sorrow
was a part of the grief we had to go through to face tomorrow
Wake up every day, you're not there
the same pain hits us every year
We can't let you fade away
only thing we got left is our memories
Every day, we sit and think
what could have or would have been
hoping and praying your killer is drowning in sin
But at the end, we still win
You're in a better place
And even know we don't get to see your face
every year, look down and you'll see us in the same place
Rest in peace, Jeremiah Booker
Rest in peace, Tayshana Murphy
and all the other fallen soldiers
we miss you

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