Everybody wants everything.
But can’t have it.
Everybody has secrets.
But can’t always hide it.
People will lie to get by and if they don’t pass, they’re not going to last.
Everybody loves their own opinions.
But hates facts that prove otherwise.
Everybody has dreams.
Some get experienced and some don’t before they die.
We all have lives to live and in every life we live, there is always a reason why we’re here.
And that’s shown by your fears, happiness, accomplishments, sorrows, trust and love.
You may not notice it but sometimes in your life, you will run into the reason that you are living today.
Everybody may not have a perfect life, that’s true.
But after one life, there’s always many to come too.
You have to explore your life and you inner spirit in order to believe it…

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This Poems Story

After thousands and thousands of years of our human race existing, it has changed drastically everyday on every person. Every person will be affected differently. Whether it's your job, race, sexuality, where you grew up, income, education level, what you believe in, even the person you love. Every person has a way of finding out who they truly are. Everybody needs to open their minds to things that you can never imagine and with that, what ever decisions and choices you make reflect your life.