Every day I wake up, Consumed with guilt, Pressed and so stressed. I thought I was OCD but I was just consumed in the mess. I thank him every day that im here, He knows that I'm blessed. So many dying around me, Praying I'm not next.
I'm not perfect so don't think I'm trying to flex, don't think I'm better then you, I'm just out here trying my best.
My only enemy is myself because I'm the only one I can help. I try be there for you but I got too much on my belt. You can listen to me but that don't mean you know how I felt. This is my life, my story, my dreams and my worries! Living my life and no not in a hurry.
Everyday I go to sleep, I dream about my future, I imagine my success. I don't boast or brag about my goals and wins because who am I trying to impress?
Everyday that I see I take it like a test and hope to do my best! Because at the end of the day, its over and done with just like the rest.
Everyday is a new day and I'm hoping to learn from it, hoping to grow with it. My success is a my trophy Ima be proud to show with it.
Everyday and any day could be my last day but until that day ima shine and ima grind... EVERYDAY

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Everyday that I wake is a new day, a new challenge, a new situation to overcome. But in reality everyday that passes is just making room for a new day. So how I think today might not be the same for yesterday nor will it be the same for tomorrow. So this poem is about how I feel about how I live, think, act on a daily basis.