Everyday I'm Hustling

Working hard everyday
The first to wake up and the last to go to sleep
Trying to make this money, but my feelings are making me weak
Playing like a savior with no cross or no crown
Allowing other people to run my business in the ground
Sacrificing my life dreams of success
Selling my products for less
Is my love for my family more important than profits?
Give away everything and watch them skyrocket
Soaring and flying high off my mismanagement
Digging a deeper hole for my bereavement
Making bad choices was my everyday thing
Married to it and wore it like a ring
All I have is a business written on paper
Taking everything away like a midnight raper
Menu filled with sweets and treats I tried to tell her
No money and chaos is my best seller
Can I be both a boss and mother?
Separating business and family from the other
Not until I make some changes and improvements
Figure out what's important and implement

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