Everyone Has a Dark Side

I was alone and scared in that deep,
dark world of depression.
No one ventured near me,
For I always wore a sad expression.
No one reached out a hand
To help me out of my dark hole.
They thought I liked my life just fine,
Though I was just playing a role.
The people I used to call my friends,
They all turned against me.
Every day they teased and taunted.
No one knew how much it hurt.
They never saw the tears I shed.
At one point, I even contemplated suicide
Because it seemed no one even cared.
But at the last moment,
Someone had showed me they really do care.
They lent me their hand to help me heal the pain.
I kept hidden inside beneath the surface.
Now I realize how precious life really is,
And I can't imagine
Ever trying to end my life again.

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