Everyone Has A Story

Why push her, when she's already being abused?
Look at her, in a corner,scarred up, Don't you see the clues?
Why push her against the locker?
Why talk about him because he can't play soccer?
How do you know is she's not being pushed at home?
How do you know if something isn't seriously wrong?
Why call he the ugliest girl in school?
Why talk about him because he's not "cool"?
Did you know what happened that made her that way?
Did you know that that boy's dad is battling cancer everyday?
Why talk about her, for crying in class?
Do you know if she had a rough past?
Why pick on her because she's not as thick as you?
Did you know that her family struggles for food?
Why talk about her because she's not a cheerleader?
Did you know that her step-dad is a woman beater?
Why talk about her because she doesn't have name brand?
Did you know that she can't afford clothes,she makes hers by hand?
Why pick on him because he doesn't have good shoes?
Did you know that his mother spends all their money on booze?
Why pick on that girl that has no hair?
Do you ever stop to think that she has feelings, and she cares?
There are different things going on in people lives, can't you tell?
All the things wrong with them, and the bullies needs help.

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