Everyone Is Sinking

It’s too easy
To remain hopeless
Burst into flames
In the middle of your darkness
Like a fire
On the Ocean surface
Deep, dark, and blue
Brightened up with some light
Where’s your fire
Telling you to make the best of this life
Everyone gets hurt
I’m sorry to say you’re not special in that regard
What makes you special
Is your spark
That crashes you through the dark
Rise up and be different
The World will always be suffering
But you need to keep your smile going
Your Sunshine could warm up others
Leading them to search for their own rainbows
Because after a big hurricane
Comes rays of colors in the sky from the Heavens
So sit back and relax
Enjoy the ride
You are not sinking
You are a light floating through the dark
Showing others how it’s done
Happiness steers you clear of a button called self-destruct
Because we all know
It’s just too easy
To remain hopeless

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