Everyone Lies

By Biah   

Somedays I physically felt stuck in my bed
Had too many negative thoughts running loose in my head
So, when I thought I was going crazy
Everyone else just assumed I was being lazy

I couldn’t understand why I was feelin this way
It’s like my will to live was less and less each day
It was as if I was mourning the happiness that had long ago died inside
And no matter how hard I tried, I continued to feel this way
I was losing an internal fight
And there was nobody to tell me everything was going to be alright

It was when the sad thoughts sank in
That I chose to break skin
I know this Sounds insane but
It helped relieve the pain
It got to the point where I was literally sore from thinking
Every day in my head it was raining
It was as if the old me was slowly fading
I was emotionally draining

But if someone were to ask, I was expected to say
That I’m doing fine and everything’s okay
So even though it wasn’t true
I lied like everyone wanted me to
I mean if you were in my shoes, wouldn’t you?

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