Everyone’s Little Honey bite

We were made to help one another up
We were made to help each other out
The highly-rated were made so to help up the down-trodden
The "cage-experts" became so to help the captives out
The farmers were made so to feed the vegetarians
Just as the hunters became so to satisfy the omnivores
The seamstresses were made so to clothe the naked
Just as the bricklayers became so to shelter the homeless
The watchmen were made so to protect the insecure
Just as the ironmongers became so to supply the uncomfortable
The nannies were made so to care for the future
Just as the cobblers became so to cover bare feet
The therapists are who they are to calm the troubled
While the beauticians are so called, because they adorn women
The fire men are who they are to save other people's lives
While the pressmen are called so, because they enlighten the ignorant
The teachers are who they are to impact the willing young
While the mail men are called so, because they help loved ones communicate
The police officers are who they are to save the oppressed
While the soldiers are called so, because they fight for their nations
The advocates are so high to fight for the just
As well, the stethoscopes are mighty that they may save dying men
The entertainers are high enough to excite the unhappy
As well, the public officers are mighty enough to sustain the citizenry
The fruits of your trees, you own not
The fruits of your skills, to others, belong
You are where you are, not for yourself
You are where you are, to help others
No matter how little,
You were born to make a change
No matter how low,
You are bound to make a difference
No matter how high,
You should make a difference too
No matter how mighty,
You depend on the low
If we all bring little bricks, we can construct a mansion
If we all make little differences, we can achieve a great change
The rich are rich to sponsor the poor
The poor are poor to serve the rich
One little crack
Can form a rift valley

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