Everything Electric Failed

nobody panicked monitors went black
they thought it was local, effect instantaneous, eternal
expletives echoed, cars died, coffee cold, things became manual
confused voices barked, animals cried, landlines out
machinery froze forever, bartenders bought a round
confusion followed disbelief everyone went inside
everything orderly failed time lost forever, morality shifted,
berserk commonplace, cultures ceased, popes enslaved
meek were crushed, weapons fashioned, destruction was inspired
language deteriorated, eroded youth ran away, civilizations rusted
old people shook, earth mutated, no pictures, memories faded
consequences trampled truth everyone hid
everything humane failed people ran to religion
priests proved impotent, a schizophrenic Satan danced
great migrations stampeded to the equator, warred along the way
available meat consumed, predators devoured the helpless
disease spread unchecked, unimaginable horrors prowled
night cloaked the depraved, rabid ghosts howled, everyone feared
evil kissed murderous screams, terror embraced insanity
agony went unquenched man fed wolf
everything electric failed the night's heart darkened
a billion bonfires burned, uneaten dogs devoured masters
bones went to seed, grew secretively, died painfully unknown
new worse monsters arose symphonic dirges droned
Lucifer threw the switch everything electric failed

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