Everything Goes Bump In My Brain

Do not turn off the lights.
I am in fear for my life,
as it surrenders to the unknown
lurking in the night.

My eyes dart from corner to corner.
I swear I hear a creaking to the floorboards.
Nobody can see what's coming for me.
My mind carries such a phobic disease.

The clock reminds me that its getting late.
As the sky grows dim,
they grin and wait.
In the deadly dancing of the trees,
they cannot contain their excitement for our daily date.

Oh they so much anticipate it ,
the monsters and demons that is.
So they string me along with happy thoughts
that so suddenly turn to shit.

I see the gargoyle in my sleep.,
a meaning so deafening.
Flipping through the pages of an old picture book,
his figure portrays such a satanic look.

I awaken to a dreadful thud.
Pieces of ceramic shine on my floor.
Over the bed sheet I peak ...
Who the fuck has opened the bedroom door?

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