Everything Happens for a Reason


“Everything happens for a reason"
By: Elena Arevalo

The crossed borders and places,
I have been through cruel and very hard situations,
That have made me feel and lose my sanity,
The blows that life gives us are not easy,
You have to learn and understand the way of things,
Analyze the meaning of all circumstances experienced.

There are the tears where situations are suffered with pain at times,
You also feel a lot of joy to curl with joy for the good of each day,
When everything happens and comes like a destructive storm,
It feels like oneself has no peace and makes us cry,
There are those who live without finding a return to the reality of the moment.

Many wonders where you are when I need you?
I look for you and I can't find you, you become invisible to my needs,
You make me feel sad for your abandonment, and this that you say helps your fellow men.
Everything, situation and also your problem.
They are an arduous fight with the same subject,
But I think and say that everything happens for a simple reason,
Every mistake and fall has a price,
They get wrapped up in the problem that comes along and a solution has to be found.

Pain leads us to faith, Faith gives us strength,
Victory redeems us to be closer to that supreme being,
I'm not alone, my reflection accompanies me,
The one that I see every day in the mirror, I raise my hands to the sky,
There I find what I didn't have, so who can tell me that I can't?
I am not a coward, I am a great warrior with a firm heart and I go wherever I want,
I pass before you seeing your behavior and it is a pity what can be seen in you,
I speak through and with experiences and pain,
My body and my soul are full of spirit,
The one that fills your whole being and this that I am just a woman,
Of strength that strives to achieve each dream and obtain success for that tomorrow,

If I see myself in a mirror and speak to my reflection,
I see and imagine the image of that great friend,
That showed me a way and fight for life,
He showed me his tracks and wounds
So that I could see my own image in them and get up from each fall,
All pain and joy has a reason for being,
I give thanks for yesterday, for that today that I am going through
and for the uncertain tomorrow that will come,
To let me survive and achieve those dreams of my own imagination, need and will.

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