Everything that is “Impossible”

No individual can see the world as you can.

Where many slave away to find definition in the undefined.
And others, devout to the delusions of the hypocritical minds.

Where I decided to see the colors and walk the dirt path down the field of roses.
Where sun’s light shined and warmth radiated throughout the fields of personal realities.
Where I felt the warmth of the sun and summer’s breeze brush against my soul.
And where many shut their eyes in the face of such a life.

Warming sensation instills a sense of comfort.
Yet indistinguishable from a consuming fire when you remain oblivious and blind.
And to those who see, only in black and white.
Where the sky appears gray and cold, and a sharp, breeze sweeps to discomfort.

When so close to reaching your ideal world.
Only to blind yourself once more by foolish bandwagon.

Tell you what, I’d rather be seen as selfish in a black and white world, than selfless in a selfish hivemind.

The silver taste of blood is enough to remind me that I live.

It’s not by the wish of others that which I live by.
But by my own pursuit of natural understanding and harmony with a world, I constantly shape.

I’ve become everything that is “Impossible”

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