I've never done the right thing
I've never given a fuck
I've never really hated
I've never really loved
I'm always fucking wasted
I've always known what it's done
I always stop at last place
I always start out in the beginning
Nothing goes forward
Everything's backwards
Does my virtue come in time
When evil is my circumstance
Heaven's constantly forgotten
Hell's a variable remembrance
Do not remind me of where I came from to where I went
And remember the injustice in EVERYTHING
Good deeds tie me down to this world
It is a crime because I
Do not want to be here in this bodily form
And I am so ashamed of this I can't reconcile
Bad deeds is another form of self inflicted punishment
I may have killed but I really hope I didn't
But don't forget
About the justice in EVERYTHING
Forgive my anguish
It's not for your discontent
A valuable lesson
To be a better person
Just fuck it

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