Everything’s Cool

Let's not get ourselves hung up,
We're all just here to live.
Now let's play a game,
You get what you can give.

What troubles us is fleeting,
If we choose to let it go.
Just bask all by your lonesome,
That's all you need to know.

Leaves and flowers cover,
More than meets the eye.
If you see them tell them,
They're welcome to stop by.

I'd like to thank the narrators,
That keep my mind at ease.
My days spent stuck inside a box,
Have long since escaped me.

I am an observer,
That's my best trick yet.
Keeping myself quiet,
I will win this bet.

Turn that tune up louder,
Time to clap and stomp your feet.
When the bad things try to get you,
Just listen to the beat.

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