Eviction Notice

Like a furnace fueled by fire or wood
The fuel is gone and I'm left in the cold
Hard and calloused rusted, not sold
Sitting in the house that I'd like to call our own
Curtains that we made together, hand sown
The door is like the way when you left
I think you stole my heart, but it's not theft
I was silly to think I could give it all
To you, I'm at fault for my own downfall
Should have know it was too good to be true
When you weren't as caring, that's when I knew
Windows cracked from nature coming through
After you left, I didn't know what I'd do
I'm a furnace in a rotting house
Staring at your forgotten blouse
This house is cold without a soul
What do I do, what's my role?
I'm not a faulty tool, nor a mistake
The love I showed wasn't fake
What you did showed your true side
" I love you,"... I feel as if you lied
The house is barely standing up in its frame
After all that, I still hold myself to blame
I am a furnace, cold and alone
Maybe I'm gone, my side in blown
Not good for anyone, i can't be used
Worn down and emotionally abused
Something happened when the dust arose
Just the construction... here to bulldoze

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