Evil Chuckle

Light turns off when the “moment” hits and trouble reveals Its face.
Its almost recognizable.
I keep trying to focus on It.
Each time I get close to It the light goes out.
“Ha-Ha”, that God damn laugh.
“Let me out. I promise it will be different this time.”
“Ha-Ha”, that God damn laugh.
Oh no I am not doing this again.
You ruined the gift of life.
As the word “gift” leaves the vessel of my face, It sneers.
The lips of violence become visible.
“Ha-Ha”, that God damn laugh.
“Just try me one time. I promise I will leave after. You don’t like uppers anyways, but you got to experience how long I last.”
“Ha-Ha”, that God damn laugh.
I bow my head and the dopamine in my head goes crazy.
Dopamine all gathered in the front of me like an audience at a rock concert.
I got a decade of pride that is stronger than any lion.
It plays games with a “Fragile Mind” in which the dealer always wins.
“Ha-Ha”, that God damn laugh.
“Little one, turn around and take a bite of the fruit. Take me back to the night we met.”
“Ha-Ha”, that God damn laugh.
The Almighty weeps as It crawls into my soul.
I walk to the pick up thinking here it is the last ride.
I got to leave this misery and destruction.
The bitch is cradling me in her bosom with a pacifier, the cry for help is silenced.
“Ha-Ha”, that God damn laugh.
“Oh, I’m a Bitch now. Alright you think you do not need me anymore? You are my slave till death do us part.”
“Ha-Ha”, that God damn laugh.
The light turns on in that “moment”.
My head swings upward to see It.
You…but? How? I need help!
I stare at myself in dismay. The It is Me, Myself and I.
I hate Me, Myself and I.
My hands come up to my throat.
The phalanges grip tightly and I watch the knuckles go pale.
I do not hear your chuckle anymore Bitch.
Find the host and strangle IT.

Fuck Off Angie

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Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation

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This Poems Story

The high talks to me on a daily basis making sure she knows that i hear her. It is disturbing to know only a laugh can take all my movements hug her.