Evil Is Alive

Evil is Alive
In the baking heat & undefeated.
There in the pouring rain.
Frozen in the ice without shame.

Winter brings an eery chill.
Summer has free will.
Spring you hear angels sing.
Autumn is where flowers bloom.
Fall is dead leaves near tombs.

A life is not yours to take.
A crime is what that would be at stake.
In more ways than one he destroyed my life.

It costed alot & I will never get over it.
Shattered pieces bit by bit.
I will carry it the rest of my life.

You can decide some to create.
Babies are easy to make.

The trees conceal karma's possum.
What causes a shade of black & blue.
Anything the wind blows on your doorstep & there it blew.
Poison in the stew.
If only death of his could save you.
Don't know what your going to do.
Sometimes it takes not one but two.
An unknown hero would be who?
Unseen danger affects more than a few.
Not very many people knew.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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