Evil Reign

Gold pelted across my eyes fire trailing behind as I fall from a mountain of gold gems treasures you gave me in exchange for sturdy scales where did i go wrong no destruction no killing such a civil deal yet the bells ring ring ring and the masses scream scream revenge what have i done i bled i gave how much more did you need arrows fly pulling my wings down and the swords hack and hack till they are cutting air and they shall take me to the haunted town where only boos are heard they take me to hard stone decorated with gems like the ones back home and he smiles like he always does when he sees me saying my evil reign of plundering is done yet i have done nothing you gave me in exchange the last of the fire trickles out he laughs placing my head above his encrusted in jewels am i your trophy please why have you done such deed the ghost start to celebrate with passing mugs and dancing gold stolen gold stolen from yourselves and you do not understand for the sky is on fire and the roof is broken and i see her i am here momma not in cave where you left me she cries and burns them all you all run to the doors you’ll have wished my evil reign was all that was upon you

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