The gift of your love is
the unfurling of a glacier
under the touch of the sun.
Transformative, ice to water,
stream to river, carving lines
in the loam and dust of
a parched landscape, once brittle,
but now fed and lush as meadows
colored with candied flowers.
The troughs of the waterways
brim with crystalline flows,
pure in content and intent,
which fill the great basin to
create the ocean in me.
The genesis of life, I return to you,
as the beasts of my simple soul evolve
to populate your blessed, giving garden -
the paradise of your womanhood
the blessing of your companionship.
I am made again, to be who I am meant to be.
Transformed, ice to stream to ocean.
Water for your garden and a reflection
of your light upon the surface of my skin.

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