Evolution of Time

No friends, I've lost 'em all
A couple sent to juvy hall
Some lost to the addiction of drugs
Others became street thugs
We had so much trust, now we hate each other's guts
Twenty-one but now we are all gone
Far away from each other, wishing we were forever young
To be able to hang out and have fun
Get into trouble or play Tag and run
Throwing up at house parties from getting drunk
I knew we had to grow up so I said, I am done
Heading for college to get an education
Writing this at a train station
Tempted to ditch and I said, never
Don't fool me, I'm clever
This isn't nonsense, I'm just at a different level
Slowly disapearing from each other's lives
Those words hit me like a thousand knives
You've crossed my mind a thousand times
The evolution of time, I'm not saying goodbye
But forgive me if I lie
It's time to move on, I promise I will try

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This Poems Story

I first began writing poetry at the age of thirteen. It was a love poem. It was also the poem that made me fall in love with the art of poetry. It is a great way to inspire someone. My poem, called "Evolution of Time," is about how time changes and how people we encounter come and go, those people we call friends. Only a few stick around for a good time, some take wrong paths and others we might never see again. I believe poetry helps with life problems and I hope this one gives you answers.