Evolve the Power of the Mind

Evolve the power of the mind

Its thoughts you can’t ignore,

it’s the best place to look

whenever you're in a bind,

Think about it now,

it’s always a resort

to the best solutions

in this world, that

you will always find

Possibly something you dawned on,

I know no reason not to build on it further,

take into action

it broadens your horizon,

It comes up for a reason

can show up at any time,

any day,

any given season

Just think how a mere thought,

tailors a way to someone

whom has sought,

Use it to engage,

use it for good

it revitalizes your brain,

and releases the strain

a simple thought created in your mind

suddenly becomes a light bulb,

and in the blink of an eye

creating history of all kind

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