He takes a deep breath,

And flips over,

The singular piece of paper,

That shall govern his whole life A

Are those simply questions, That he can't solve?

Or a rope, around his neck, That he can't untie..?

Are those simply students,

Following their own dreams..?

Or machines

Following dreams, programmed by their parents..?

He begins to write,

But his hands are frozen,

Unable to move,

Under the weight of a billion expectations...

How many marks did you get..? Which college did you get in..?

These questions echo,

At the back of his mind,

Reminding him every second,

How big of a disappointment he is...

He stares at the blank sheet,

In terror,

And fear,

As this is what his life has become,

A blank sheet of paper,

Scribbled all over, by others...

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