Except the Water

All creatures of the creator
Are having detestation for each other
Not only the black the antagonist of the white
But also all the saturated hues
Pepper, not only the archenemy of eye

Hawk as a flying creature
Being detested for its flying competence
That others are not possessed
It was envied
Of its fantastic flight
With unsuspicious patterns in the space

Shark as a diving creature
Being loathed for its diving competency
That others are not possessed
Its electrical power is enviable
By other aquatic habitats
And how it preys on its prey in the ocean
Does it not to be loathed by its prey?

Lioness, a jungle queen
Being disliked because of its powerful vim
That others are not possessed
Its running power attracts envy
From terrestrial habitats
Which preys on its prey for its satiation
Does it has to be liked , even by human being?
That it prey on when they gazed in its den

Man as a dynamic creation
Being misliked of his controlling power
That others are not possessed
For making him the King of other creature
Predator of all creatures of the creator on Earth
Generator of hatred and envy
By getting indulged in hypocrisy
That loves with a wink of an eye
In absentia of the heart

All creatures of the creator
Are abhorred by one another
Where others envy the possession of its antagonist
But solely, one is created insuperably
With great adaptability to all
Except the ember and red blazing flame
That is an antagonistic fellow to it
An invaluably useful creature

All creature of the Creator
Are generated to be hated by each other
Even the one with different species
Envy the possession of other
Except the liquid, colorless one
Named Water
That's generally loved by all
Without any exception.

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This Poems Story

The poem is all about the hatred that the creatures of God created for each other but with the exception of water only. "Hawk" depicts all celestial animals; all flying creatures. "Shark" depicts all aquatic habitats and their hatred towards each other in the ocean. "Lioness" depicts all terrestrial habitats and the power and vigor given to them in the forest;"lioness even hated by human being " because human being is also its prey " when they gazed in its den". "Man" depicts all human beings with their dynamic power given to them to metamorphose to what they want. They are also hated by other creatures of God. Only one creature is not hated and envied by anyone of these creatures aforementioned, because of its adaptation to all creatures created by The Creator, for consumption and use of His creatures and He gives the insurmountable power to it. Water is insuperable being.