Having big curves is a blessing on the inside
The curse of big curves on the outside
While you walk by the skinny girls give you the stare
The stare of hatred saying your not pretty or beautiful
But as you get bullied for not being skinny or boney
As you walk by guys you get the approval of being a queen
Guys look in awe saying let me get some of that curvey goodness
But as you think and say in your mind are they going to use me or say I'm a goddess or a queen waiting to be praised
Girls judged you on your hour glass thick curves saying hurtful angry things like your big as a whale the ground screams as you walk as your eyes sadden in pain as your body numbs in hatred you have nothing
As days turn into a hellish hatred the nights turn in to sobbing
Days pass by saying girl get a grip you'll be loved
I've always been a women looked upon by exotic guys as if I've been a queen
Girls and guys have different opinions
The day risen and God said I've sent you a gift it's your choice to except it
The day were being hated had vanished
A guy looked at me with the most gorgeous smile a well built muscle Hispanic guy saying your beautiful as a goddess
I had said thank you shyly
The days felt good I've ignored the skinny girls comments and I drowned in love
Everything around me became a God given blessing
The skinny girls became increasingly jealous saying who'd love that women
I didn't care anymore abiut what people thought or said about me
I've became a cherished queen

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