Excerpt from my story PD 4/10/16

As much as I hated to admit it, she was funny and I sort of liked her. And the more time we spent together, the more I began to like her. It wasn't long until I couldn't think about anything or anyone else.
My grades began to slip because all day I would sit in class day dreaming about her. I would create little scenarios in my head where I always ended up saving her. She was always the damsel in distress and I was her hero to the rescue. It was like she was the Lois Lane to my Superman.
From out of nowhere she came and lit a fire somewhere deep inside of me, a wild one that could not be contained. She completely consumed me most days. She occupied every thought, every corner, every recess of my brain.
Everywhere I went I would notice something that reminded me of her. I was smitten, infatuated. I was in love.
But it was easy to love her just by her being who she was. Her beautiful spirit and kind, generous heart made her an anomaly to me. She was unlike any other girl I had ever known. She put others first and never had a bad thing to say about anyone...well, most of the time anyway!
She had this natural glow, a vibrant radiance about her that could light up the darkest room.
Before I knew it, she had stolen my heart right out of my chest and had tattooed her name on it.
I've never won anything so it's strange how I came to be so lucky. Think about it, there are approximately 7 billion people inhabiting the Earth and she chose me out of everyone else. Surely the Gods must be crazy!
She made me melt with one touch of her hand. All it took was just one sad, puppy dog look from her beautiful blue eyes and she always got exactly what she wanted. She had me wrapped around her finger and she knew it.
She was my best friend, my other half. I fell in love with her the way you fall asleep. Naturally. Very slowly in the beginning, but then suddenly all at once. It was second nature to me but it was also like a dream. But the bad thing about dreams is that we all have to wake up sometime.

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