Execution is the Only Solution

My father had two daughters.
A son he had just one.
A wife who divorced him, to move in a pedofile bum.
Who she let whip us like a sadistic, not so fun.
Every night for 3 years we got raped.
Mom got him a loaded hand gun.
We never had a chance to escape.
He killed my hamster & the neighbors german shepherd.
No one ever said a word.
It was vulgur & absurd.
An ex con, on my face & cereal he spit on.
Our toothbrushes he peed on.
We never got justice.
Like his head on a pike.
Every ounce of hatred fueled, despite.
Every fiber of it's being is not right.
An ungranted wish.
A criminal no one will miss.
I would never know if "it" hurt any other.
Most are the product of a crazy mother.
I dwell in a sh*t dome.
Where no one is ever home.
A coward's way out.
No one can hear my scream or shout.
To be murdered is what evil entity's deserve.
Satan Lucifer is the devil they serve.
To be consumed in eternal flames.
Dissected & mamed.
That is their place to belong.
To suffer agony from what they did wrong.
Crushing children's souls.
To make them broken & unwhole.
Eternal torment they need.
Sin is what they feed.
Extinction would'nt be a sacrifice.
Their demise would be so nice.
I hate child molestors.
A walking disease that festers.

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