Exhale to Inhale

Colors draining, emotions fading, time escaping,
Hope wasn't finding its way around.
What's the purpose? Where's the point?
Clueless knowing every right answer was wrong.
Silence had become too loud and the numbness wasn't being felt.
Large corners with sweet tears.
Contemplating everything that shouldn't be thought.
Deep breath.
Blink at least twice.
White, black, gray and gray.
Dull, cold, frightened with nothing to say.
Eyes shut.
Sky scribbling its blue, sun blazing its yellow.
Grass watered in green, all the roses were singing red.
A thousand words were screaming.
Picture perfect, attacked into a peaceful world.
What's said is what's done.
Warmth and nostalgia filling in the scent.
Same oxygen, new air.
Home bittersweet home.
What's lost can always be found.

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