Tinted windows, but where else could we go?
Perhaps over a park bench, misbehavior flows.
Your fire has me hot wired.
Fuck the car.
Taste me wherever we are.
Yes, I'm a little insane.
Step into my crazy house and i'll corrupt your brain.
I'll have you screaming my name,
as I erupt your veins.
Let's go to a hotel.
I'll be heaven,
you'll be hell.
Or I could be the nurse,
you'll be the patient who's unwell.
Hop the fence line,
bare underwater.
Add some oral to the whirlpool
in the neighbor's backyard.
Now my next suggestion may leave you scarred ...
Let's get a little more creepy,
slip into the window while I'm sleeping ( :) Hey you)
Lift up my nightgown and go to town.
I am greedy and a tad bit needy
when it comes to sick adventure.
No, not just a bed can keep be pleasured.
How about a game of hide and seek?
In a basement, I will be your freak.
But first you must find me ...
I'm very uncensored
when it comes to fantasy.
Definitely not an angel.
No halo hovering.

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