Static objects animate out of eye sight
Psychotic fields shape shift as eye sight is broken
Out of peripheral the geometries fuse and morph revisional
Unconventional conversions create creep blight
Refracting off hydro constructed hexgonal suns that stay burnt
Morphs not inherited but naturally learnt
Unbound by bonds unified by energy
In harmony these beasts simply slide into synergy
But when human eyes look apon they suddenly stop
But do they
Could you measure their moves
Do they suddenly stop
Or do they cease to exist then suddenly not

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a universe where there exists plains of floating inanimate oil spills and smoking dirt. When these plains are viewed they stop moving including the oils, smokes, and everything elese in eye sight. This brings up a problem though, do the objects behind you move or if they just simply don't exist till viewed again by looking eyes?