Existential Biology

Our bodies are dependent on rhythm.
The SA node conducts the heart with precision.
And if it were to beat out of time,
The blood in our veins would refuse to climb.
The very food we need to survive
Is pumped metrically, so our stomachs won't be deprived.

We are merely arrangements of systems and spectrums.
And despite the presences of their electrons,
Atoms are mostly empty space.
So what do our building blocks then encase?
Are we living or just occupying space?
Are we thriving or simply continuing the human race?

Thus we cling to the scientist who composed us with care
And orchestrated us to be this self-aware.
He gave us Darwin and Newton, Beethoven and Bach
To guide us through life with their gift of thought.
Because while our biology has been more thought out than organized crime,
It is our intellect that defines us as sublime.

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