Exit Sign

He'd looked so handsome in that tie and suit,
But he's just a lonely man in sunken boots.
Dead before he'd even lived,
How much more does he have to give?
Broken heart in a nine-to-five day,
The perfect mold of society's clay.

Dreaming of the future everyone else had planned out,
When you're bred to succeed, you never learn to doubt.
Countertop of alcohol and arrogant cigarettes,
Promising to show him how to forget.

Chin up.
Force a smile.
There's no hope in self pity,
Just another face in this much-too-big city.

Exit sign.
Play it back,
All his friends dressed in black.
Some will wish they'd visited,
He'd been lonely for awhile.
A lifetime becomes just another death certificate to file.

You tell the truth, you lose the game.
What an empty, empty bed we make when all we want is everything.
Clenched jaws to mask our dying affection,
Going different ways in one direction.

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