Expect The Unexpected

In the mix of panic,
I often leave my tools behind
Because the waves hit like a flash
Engrossing bright white-light memories over my reality.
I’ve had them in crowds of massive people,
At stores, restaurants, and friend’s houses.
I’ve had them during car rides,
On elevators, airplanes, and roller coasters.
You name it, and I’ll bet
I’ve already panicked in and around it.
When I’m overwhelmed in this mind set,
The ones next to me are the most important.
The girl inside my strong body wonders
Stuck in a shocking mess of ponderings
While the face sitting next to me
Calls me back down to Earth.
“Just breathe,
It’s going to be okay,”
I thankfully hear someone say.
When you’re in a state of panic,
The brain shuts off language production.
If you’re with a friend or family member
Who suddenly gets eerily quiet in the minute,
This could be the on-set of a panic attack.
Don’t forget to bring them back down to Earth
By saying the crucial words of Love’s truth,
“Just breathe, slowly inhale and exhale,
It’s all going to be okay.”

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