Divya Ramchandani


One thing strong enough to weaken a soul
Is Expectations towards a goal

Expectation to receive love in return
Expectations to win each heed run

No expectations in life will give no disappointments
Even unturned stones will not cause resentment.

Set your life free , like a leaf dry and tweaked
Drifting away with wind, experiencing new secrets revealed

Set your life free and move under the sway
Your life shall be dawned by sun's first ray

Do not put yourself in doubt about effort you have made
Its time to build a fort of belief and the foundation has been laid

A drop of hope can turn a dead man alive
Expectations in turn can take away a happy man's life.

Just follow the song your soul plays
guilt and regrets are not worth a chase

This inner song is voice of God
Capable enough to drag you out from life's bog

Its nature's way of subjecting you to an ordeal
Listen to your heart shunning away all expectations and turn it cordial.
- divya

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