Three Reasons Why…I live my life
I’m at a crossroads between life and death
And I come to this everyday
So here’s Three Reasons Why I choose to live
I missed the Sun
I’ve seen all too much what the darkness can do
The imprint it can leave when you bury yourself in the damages
Went to the dark side to realize I didn’t want to stay
I wanted to save
So many people like I was blinded in darkness
I want to stand by them with my own sins I can’t deny
I wanted to show we’re all suffering
I want to spread positivity by saying together we stand
I want to say you’re not alone in wanting to lie in bed all day
But find your redemption, so you don’t
I wanted to find a way back to life that would stick
Now here I am writing stanzas
Getting up every morning with a pen and paper like my ink is desperate
Filling up pages with the daze of our lives because our time is dying
Making the ugly road to redeeming yourself look like something admirably sexy
Saving yourself to get out of Hell is more fun than it seems
Go back to where you came from you can scream to all of your demons
Hell’s chambers they will reside, and you will be more delighted
You can see where you want to go so much better when you clear your sights
The Sun I wanted to relax in the Rays and let skin soak
I was expecting to die if I stayed any longer in the dark
But I wrote this in the Sun, so those expectations are dead
I’ve got new ones, but they’ll take time like Mother Nature grows the beauty of gardens slow
For now, I’ll face everyday like it’s nothing simple
I want to grow a beautiful garden in my mind before my brain matter disintegrates
I hope this poem helps you too when the demons return, and you can do the same

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